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Animal Death Symposium

HARN: Human Animal Research Network at the University of Sydney

June 12th and 13th, 2012,
Woolley Building, University of Sydney,

Professor Deborah Bird Rose,
Macquarie University

HARN Lecture:
Associate Professor Annie Potts,
NZ Centre for Human Animal Studies, University of Canterbury

This symposium brings together cross-disciplinary voices on the topic of Animal Death. Over two days we will explore how animal and human death are conceptualised; how they diverge, differ and also connect in profound ways. The conference will be exploring the following themes:

  • Ontologies of Death and sacrifice
  • Species extinction and climate change
  • Euthanasia: perspectives from veterinary science
  • The hunter and the Hunted
  • Sacrifice and expendability
  • Animal art
  • Road Kill’
  • Wild Life and Rescue
  • Mourning, grief and denial
  • Rituals of Slaughter
  • Vivisection
  • Who and who isn’t attributed a ‘soul’
  • post-death belief systems
  • Animal death and contemporary film

Check HARN website for full details and registration