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Developing approaches to teaching with eLearning

A course in eLearning design through ITL is being offered for credit or professional development in Semester 2, 2010. It is a series of seven face-to-face tutorials on Friday mornings and seven online sessions that will be held during second semester. It will be possible to do this course simply to improve your approach to designing learning experiences supported by eLearning or alternatively, for credit towards the Master in Education, or the Master of Learning Science and Technology (in Coco). Places are limited to approximately 17 people.

The course has a pre-requisite of the Introductory eLearning Workshop Series or equivalent experience. If you would like to register your interest for the course beginning on Friday 30th July, 2010 from 10.00am to 12.00pm, please email Melanie Young melanie.young at sydney dot edu dot au . If you have any queries about the unit of study, email Jo Lockwood jo.lockwood at sydney dot edu dot au

Sydney eLearning


Library resources update 2010

A note from Rena, Faculty Liaison Librarian for SOPHI…

The Library is continually adding new online full text databases to its collection.  Access to the following primary source & essay collections is now available from the Library website: and from the History subject guide:

Foreign Office Files for China, 1949-1980
The complete British Foreign Office Files dealing with China, Hong Kong and Taiwan in this period. Eye-witness accounts and detailed reports on life in China, 1949-1976. In depth analysis of the Communist Revolution and all the major figures. Material on the Korean War, the Cold War, US relations and the Cultural Revolution.

Mass Observation Online
A pioneering social research organisation whose papers provide insights into the cultural and social history of Britain from 1937 to 1965. Mass Observation Online, offers an unparalled insight into everyday life in the 1930s and 1940.

Slavery, Abolition and Social Justice, 1490-2007
Includes extensive coverage of topics such as the African Coast; the Middle Passage; the varieties of slave experience (urban, domestic, industrial, farm, ranch and plantation); Spiritualism and Religion; Resistance and Revolts; the Underground Railroad; the Abolition Movement; Legislation; Education; the Legacy of Slavery and Slavery Today.

The Grand Tour
A collection of manuscript, visual and printed works – letters, diaries, printed guidebooks; published travel writing; paintings and sketches; architectural drawings, and maps for the study of travel and architecture, c1550-1850

Travel Writing, Spectacle and World History
Brings together hundreds of accounts by women of their travels across the globe from the early 19th century to the late 20th century. Includes manuscripts, diaries and correspondence, drawings, guidebooks, postcards and photographs.

Victorian Popular Culture
Two sections relating to: Spiritualism, Sensation & Magic and Circuses, Sideshows and Freaks

Please let Rena McGrogan know if you would like any more information, or would like to suggest further databases for the collection.

RENA McGROGAN | Faculty Liaison Librarian, SOPHI
Arts Library Services Team| University Library
Fisher Library, F03 | The University of Sydney | NSW | 2006
E rena.mcgrogan at sydney dot edu dot au  | W W

Peer Observation of Teaching

Arts Faculty staff wanting to try out the peer observation process can now download resources to support this module from the Arts Public Server. The Peer Observation of Teaching package includes two powerpoint presentations and some handouts. These resources can be used by teaching pairs, at any mutually convenient time (allowing a minimum of four weeks to complete the process). Or they can be used by a team or larger group, to encourage a greater sharing of ideas and experiences.

Contact Dr Ariadne Vromen, Acting Director, Academic Support and Development, if you need further advice or support in accessing and/or using these resources a do vromen at usyd dot edu dot au

See Arts Public / Faculty / Evaluation of Teaching and Learning / Peer Observation of Teaching Module
from Dr Brigid Rooney, for the Arts Teaching and Learning Network

Postgraduate academic writing advice

The Faculty of Arts is proving a free service to postgraduate students to advise them regarding academic writing. This service includes:

  • Individual assistance with academic writing
  • Assistance with specific difficulties e.g. academic genres, organising your writing, grammar, word choice.
  • Assistance with assignments, thesis chapters before they are submitted to lecturers and supervisors
  • Proofreading

To utilise this service:

  • Send an email message to Dr Bronwen Dyson at the following address: bronwen dot dyson at usyd dot edu dot au and she will reply to make an appointment time to meet you.
  • In order to get the most out of the meeting, send her a written draft beforehand.
  • Dr Dyson is located in Room: 248 Transient Building (second floor).

Dr Bronwen Dyson
Postgraduate Academic Writing Advisor | Faculty of Arts

Teaching Support: Want an elearning site?

Arts eLearning is offering a “kick start” to academics who are interested in getting started with elearning. Tell us what you want (within reason) and we’ll build the site for you the first time round, then make sure you get the help you need to run it and roll it over to use again next time.

We’re looking for 5-6 academics within the School, who ideally will be:
– teaching in 2009;
– new to elearning;
– interested in getting a “kick start” this semester; and
– prepared to run the site with assistance in 2009, and learn how to run the site yourself over 2010/11

Anyone can apply, and we’re especially interested in hearing from people teaching large courses (particularly first-year). Register your interest by dropping us a line at elearning at arts dot usyd dot edu dot au and tell us in a sentence or two:
– the unit code and title;
– which 2009 semester you’re teaching in;
– (optionally) anything else about the unit, the students or your teaching that makes you interested in trying out an elearning site.

Workshop: Beautifying your elearning site (WebCT CE6)

Thursday 25 September 2008, 11am to 1pm or
Friday 26 September 2008, 11am to 1pm (Both workshops cover the same material).

Arts eLearning computer lab, Brennan-MacCallum A18
Door 318 (to the right of the dark-glass Psychology doors)
RSVP by Friday 19th September

Earlier in the year, academics asked Arts eLearning to develop a short workshop on making their elearning sites in WebCT CE6 more attractive and pleasant to work in. We are now pleased to offer a two-hour workshop on some WebCT design basics to improve your elearning site’s aesthetics:

Beautifying your elearning site (WebCT CE6)

  • Set the menu and text colours for the site;
  • Set a banner for your site;
  • Set a background colour or wallpaper (background image) for your site or for individual pages;
  • Modify the page layout;
  • Choose a different icon set for your site;
  • Find freely reusable images to use in your site, and acknowledge them appropriately to manage licensing and copyright.

Bookings:Places are limited to 10 per session, so bookings are essential.

RSVP by Friday, 19 September with your preferred date and contact details to: Bec Plumbe: 9351 7513
Email: elearning at arts dot usyd dot edu dot au

Can’t make it? The course materials can also be accessed online at: