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2011 Australian Learning and Teaching Council Awards

The Australian Learning and Teaching Council offer three category of awards:

·        Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning
·        Awards for Teaching Excellence
·        Awards for Programs that Enhance Student Learning

Guidelines, closing dates and application forms can be found on the ITL website


2011 Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Learning and Teaching

The Vice-Chancellor is calling for applications for these awards, the purpose of which is to promote, recognise and reward teaching excellence, and the systems that support teaching excellence. Award winners receive $10,000 and, in some cases, the opportunity to be nominated for national awards.

There are four categories of awards:
·        Outstanding Teaching, including Early Career Awards
·        Excellence in Research Supervision, now including Early Career Awards
·        Support of the Student Experience (open to both academic and general staff)
·        Systems that Achieve Collective Excellence in Learning and Teaching

Applications close: 5pm 31 March 2011
Further information can be found on the Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL) website <>

SOPHI receives over 70% of the Faculty’s funding in latest round of ARC grants

The ARCs have been released and we congratulate SOPHI staff on another successful round of ARC application. History has won an APF and an APD, and Philosophy an ARF, and various others were successful in their DP applications. As a School we won over 70% of the total Faculty amount.

From Paddy to Pura: the origins of Angkor
Dr Dougald J O’Reilly, Dr Louise G Shewan, Dr Damian H Evans, Dr Kathryn M Domett, Prof Charles F Higham, Prof Elizabeth (Lisa) A Matisoo-Smith, Dr Thomas F Higham, Dr Sian E Halcrow, Dr Thomas O Pryce, Prof Rethy Chhem

Project Summary
This project explores the origin and rise of the state in ancient Southeast Asia. Through the investigation of sites in Cambodia and Thailand and using an array of innovative technologies, the research will contribute to the global investigation of humankind’s trajectory toward ever-increasing complexity.

Redeeming the Great Barrier Reef. Science, romanticism and indigenous knowledge in the cultural and ecological history of the reef, c.1850-1950
Prof Iain D McCalman

Project Summary
This project shows how, in the late-nineteenth-century, scientist W Saville-Kent, journalist EJ Banfield and castaway Narcisse Pelletier, and their intellectual successors, helped transform widespread popular fear and distrust of the Great Barrier Reef by inaugurating positive and holistic scientific, literary and ethnographic analyses of the region’s ecology.

Personal liberty, British identity and surveillance in the antipodes, 1780s – 1830s
Dr Kirsten E McKenzie

Project Summary
By studying surveillance in colonial Australia and South Africa, this project will come to a new understanding of what defined British liberty. It will demonstrate that our country’s history lies at the centre of one of the most pressing questions of our time-how far do concepts of freedom remain tied to national and cultural particularity?

Enterprising women: race, gender and power in the revolutionary Atlantic, 1770-1820
Prof Cassandra J Pybus, Dr Kit Candlin (APD)

Project Summary
This historical project will research emancipated slave women who became successful entrepreneurs in the British slave colonies in the late eighteenth-century, to show how these remarkable free black women influenced the culture of the British empire, both in the colonies and at home.

Year of the riot: Harlem, 1935
Prof Shane White (APF), A/Prof Stephen M Robertson, Prof Stephen R Garton

Project Summary
Using a website to reconstruct Harlem and map the events of the 1935 riot, this project reveals the dynamics of the first instance of a new kind of racial violence-against police and property rather than between blacks and whites-and the impact of the Depression on African Americans.

A theory of theory choice
Prof David Braddon-Mitchell, Dr Kristie L Miller (ARF)

Project Summary
Disagreements sometimes seem to be about the world, and sometimes seem to be about the right way to conceptualise or talk about the world. This project offers a new way to determine which disputes fall into which
category, and offers them.

Critical edition of Robert Kilwardby’s commentary on Aristotle’s Prior Analytics, with historical / philosophical introduction and analytical notes
Prof Paul Thom

Project Summary
In the Middle Ages, logic was one of the areas of philosophy that could be pursued relatively independently of theology. Great conceptual achievements resulted, many of which have been given new expression using the techniques of modern logic. This project will make Kilwardby’s highly original work in logic accessible to contemporary logicians.

Congratulations to all, and to those colleagues who supported them in the application process!

Australian Academy of Humanities: Humanities Travelling Fellowships

The Australian Academy of the Humanities is offering up to ten Fellowships to improve the capacity of Australian scholars to conduct research in all parts of the world.  Permanent resident scholars in Australia and working in the field of the Humanities – The Arts, Asian Studies, Cultural & Communication Studies, Classics, Literature, European Languages & Cultures, History, Linguistics, Philosophy & Religion, and Prehistory & Archaeology are welcome to apply.

The Embassy of France in Australia Humanities Travelling Fellowships
The Australian Academy of the Humanities and the Embassy of France in Australia are intending to offer four fellowships for scholars who need to travel to France in 2010 to undertake research. This grant will be designed to be available to scholars resident in Australia and working in the field of the Humanities who require access to resources held in France. Preference will be given to early career researchers; however, other researchers will be eligible for the Fellowship and will be welcome to apply.

The Ernst Keller European Travelling Fellowships
This grant is available to scholars resident in Australia and working in the field of the Humanities who require access to resources held in Europe and are researching European topics or studies. Preference will be given to early career researchers and researchers in German studies; however, researchers in other European topics are eligible for the Fellowship and are welcome to apply.

For more information & application guide see

Research Office Contact: Julia Robertson on 8627 8142
Email: julia.robertson at sydney dot edu dot au
Closing date: 15 July 2010

SOPHI Conference and Travel Grant scheme Round 2

Applications are now open for the second round for symposia and conferences taking place between 1 August and 31 December 2010. Please note that there are limited funds available for this School scheme so that if you have other funds to draw on such as ARC grants, chair allowances, Associate Dean or professorial research funds you should do so. Applications close 2 August 2010. See the application and guidelines are attached. For any enquiries regarding the Scheme please contact Elia Mamprin,  elia.mamprin at sydney dot edu dot au

SOPHI_Conference Travel Grant Scheme Rnd2 Guidelines 2010

SOPHI_Conference Travel Grant Scheme Rnd2 Application 2010

SOPHI Publication Support Scheme

The School publication support scheme endeavours to assist in the production of major monographs or books for publication, for example; by contributing to the costs of reproducing photographs, maps, etc., or with preparing an index or using the services of an editor or translator.

The aim is to contribute to the costs, not cover them fully. The scheme will NOT provide funds for research assistance or research support, nor for the purchase of equipment. It is a condition of being considered for support that you have signed a contract with a reputable academic publisher (or that a contract has been offered). Current continuing academic teaching and research staff in SOPHI are eligible to apply. The subsequent publication must appear with a University of Sydney and departmental/school affiliation prominently displayed. Grant amounts will normally not exceed $1,000, although amounts distributed will ultimately be at the discretion of the Head of School.

Please send an email outlining the costs you would like covered (ideally with a quote or indication of actual costs), a copy of the contract and details of the book to Elia Mamprin, elia.mamprin at sydney dot edu dot au

For successful applications; payment will only occur with the provision of receipts or through payment arranged by the Finance Team. Applications close on Friday, 24 September 2010

Australian Academy of the Humanities: Swedish Exchange Programme

The Australian Academy of the Humanities has an exchange programme with the Swedish Royal Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities, which provides for an Australian scholar to visit that institution for a maximum of one month to do research in Sweden. The exchange provides for accommodation and a per diem for the scholar of up to 40, 000 SEK.

For more information and application guide click here

Research Office Contact:
Julia Robertson on 8627 8142
Email: julia.robertson at sydney dot edu dot au
Closing date: 23 July 2010