Annual General Meeting, the Council of the Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation (NEAF)

The Council of the Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation will be holding their Annual General Meeting on
Friday 16 March, 2012
6:30 pm

Followed by a lecture,
Archaeology and Heritage in the Persian Gulf: Past and Present Asymmetries
presented by Professor Daniel Potts

Daniel Potts is the Director of NEAF and has been Edwin Cuthbert Hall Professor of Middle Eastern Archaeology since 1991. A graduate of Harvard, he studied in Berlin with Hans Nissen before returning to do his PhD at Harvard, after which he taught at the Free University of Berlin and the University of Copenhagen prior to joining the Deptartment of Archaeology at the University of Sydney. His research has ranged broadly from the Neolithic to the Sasanian period and he has directed excavations in Saudi Arabia (Thaj), the United Arab Emirates (ed-Dur, Tell Abraq, Al-Sufouh, Jabal Emalah) and Iran (Tol-e Nurabad, Tol-e Spid and Qaleh Kali). He has written and edited over two dozen books, the most recent of which is entitled Mesopotamia, Iran and Arabia from the Seleucids to the Sasanians (2010). The two volume, 1500 page Companion to the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East (Wiley-Blackwell) which he edited will be published in April. He is currently working on a book entitled From sedentism to nomadism, a longitudinal study of nomadism in Iran, that was begun in 2008-9 when he was a Visiting Member at the Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton, USA).

AGM: 6:30PM
Centre for Classical and Near Eastern Studies (CCANESA),
Level 4 Madsen Building F09
University of Sydney
P (02) 9351 4151 F (02) 91140921
E Click here to email
This event is free.


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