SOPHI’s 2012 ARC Discovery Projects announced

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences has been awarded 16 Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Projects grants for 2012. Of those grants, 8 have been awarded to SOPHI. The grants are part of the federal government’s National Competitive Grants Program. Details of the impressive array of grants awarded to SOPHI are as follows:

Indigenous Discovery Project
Dr Victoria Grieves (Gender and Cultural Studies)
More than family history: race, gender and the Aboriginal family in Australian history ($240,000)

This project will explore Aboriginal family histories. Historical processes and complex interplays of race and gender within the colonial period across space and over time make for complex layering in diverse Aboriginal families. Research into Aboriginal family formation reveals a strong basis for identity and wellbeing through telling foundational stories within the narrative of the nation.

Discovery Projects
Assoc Prof Rick Benitez (Philosophy) and Dr Julia Kindt (Classics and Ancient History) with colleagues Assoc Prof Dirk C Baltzly, Dr Marguerite Johnson and Prof Harold Tarrant
Plato’s myth voice: the identification and interpretation of ‘inspired speech’ in Plato ($292,000)

This project uses recent discoveries about the language of ancient myths, oracles and allegories to understand similar discourse in Plato and the Platonic tradition. It attempts to render such discourse intelligible to those who may not hear myths in the same context or share the same cultural background as Plato’s listeners.

Prof Mark Colyvan (Philosophy)
Mathematical notation: a philosophical account ($150,000)
This project will explore philosophical issues associated with mathematical notation. In particular, it will provide an account of how mathematical notation is used in mathematical applications and how it facilitates analogical reasoning in science.

Emeritus Prof Roy MacLeod (History)
The Mineral factor: strategic minerals, imperial resources and global politics (1895-1995) ($145,000)

With the emergence of Asia, the political control of ‘rare earths’ vital to high-tech industries has prompted international diplomatic and commercial concern. This project explores the history of ‘strategic minerals’ and assesses the role of minerals policy in achieving both ‘mineral security’ and environmental sustainability.

Prof Meg Miller (Archaeology), Dr Lesley Beaumont (Archaeology) and Dr Stavros Paspalas (AAIA)
Settlement sustainability and societal change in the ancient Mediterranean: the case of Zagora ($450,000)

A settlement becomes a community when its physical design supports its social structure and thrives when diversity secures its economic base. Probing the failure of once-prosperous centers like 8th-century BC Zagora will illuminate past approaches to issues of settlement sustainability in the face of environmental, social and economic challenge.

Dr Kane Race (Gender and Cultural Studies)
Changing spaces of HIV prevention: a cultural analysis of transformations in sexual sociability ($130,000)

Australia’s response to HIV/AIDS is grounded in a unique engagement between gay community and government. But no cultural account exists of how people become engaged in HIV prevention. This project will address this gap by examining transformations in gay culture over the past 30 years and investigating the connections to HIV prevention.

Assoc Prof Penny Russell (History), with colleague Prof Nigel Worden
Empires of honour: violence and virtue in colonial societies, 1750-1850 ($93,000)

The moral sentiments and moral practices of any society depend on how that society understands honour. This project will show how different concepts of honour clashed or were recreated through global movements of people in the age of empire, and investigate the enduring effects of such contests in the colonial societies of the India-Pacific region.

Prof Warwick Anderson (History/Centre for Values, Ethics, and the Law in Medicine) , with colleague Prof Ian MacKay
Disease and the modern self: becoming autoimmune ($145,000)

This will be the first historical analysis of concepts of autoimmunity. A conceptual history of a disease category, the book will also incorporate patient experience, scientific ideas about the immunological ‘self’, and an examination of the connections and articulations of research laboratories and hospital clinics in the twentieth century.

Congratulations to all those involved.


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