Dr Julia Kindt joint recipient of two ARC Discovery Projects.

Dr Julia Kindt, Senior Lecturer in the department of Classics and Ancient History has recently been a joint recipient of two ARC Discovery Projects.

Dr Kindt, along with co-investigators Assoc Prof Dirk Baltzly (Monash), Dr Marguerite Johnson (Newcastle), Prof Harold Tarrant (Newcastle), and lead investigator Assoc Prof Rick Benitez of the Philosophy Department (Sydney), will use recent discoveries about the language of ancient myths, oracles and allegories to understand similar discourse in Plato and the Platonic tradition, and to render such discourse intelligible to those who may not hear myths in the same context or share the same cultural background as Plato’s listeners. Dr Kindt and the team have been awarded at total of $240,000 over three years.

Dr Kindt is also an investigator on a second award hosted by the department of Studies in Religion with co-investigators Prof Iain Gardner (Sydney), Dr Helen V Whitehouse (Oxford), Dr Erica C Hunter (London) and lead investigator Dr Jay Johnston (Sydney). This Discovery Project was awarded $164,000 over three years to study images in magical papyri and related artefacts from Late Antiquity, drawn for the purpose of healing and protection or to achieve success in personal relations and business. The research outcome will be a new holistic understanding of the design and use of such objects, and the transmission of traditions of knowledge in ancient society.

Congratulations to Julia and her colleagues on their ARC success.


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