Fisher Library building activities

Work has commenced on the Fisher Library renovations.

Level 4 – Short Loan books with the numbers 843 to 999 have to be moved closer to the window so that work can commence on the new toilets. The area will be closed on Friday 9 September and Saturday 10 September 2011. A very limited paging service will run twice on Friday and once on Saturday. Could you please borrow your books now and tell your students about this? If you could make an announcement at lectures and tutorials and/or place a notice on Blackboard, that would be greatly appreciated.

The Reference collectionhas now been evaluated and relocated (thank you to everyone who came over and made suggestions).

  • Everything recommended for High Demand is currently located on the range behind the Fisher Information Desk.
  • Books recommended for Fisher Research have been moved there.
  • Books recommended for Storage are being processed but may say ‘Fisher Reference’ for a short while.

Please let Rena McGrogan know if you are looking for anything that says Reference that you can’t find.

Level 1 Short loan side is now closed for renovations. At the moment, you can still get to Law via the lifts and stairs on the Research library side

Curriculum collection has now been relocated to where Reference used to be on level 3 near the Information Desk

John Shipp has released the guidelines that will be used to determine what material stays in Fisher, what will be relocated and what will happen to books to be discarded. Academics and postgrads will have an opportunity to comment on any material destined for Storage or disposal. When details are available the process for viewing the collection and providing comments, I will email them to everyone. In the meantime if you are worried about any titles in the collection, please contact Rena McGrogan.
Download the Fisher Collection Review Guidelines
Fisher Library Redevelopment Project website


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