Richard Miles and Richard Waterhouse on the ABC

Dr Richard Miles from the Department of Classics and Ancient History and Professor Richard Waterhouse from the Department of History, have both been featured on programs on the ABC.

Richard Waterhouse and Richard Miles were both interviewed by Joe Gelonesi for the ABC Classic FM’s morning interview.

Richard Waterhouse spoke about his research into Australian popular culture: about convicts, slaves, sport and the Trocadero. Richard Miles spoke about his research on Carthage: about trade, money and Rome (which he refers to as ‘Hicksville on the Tiber’ when compared to the early Carthage).

Richard Miles has also been interviewed by ABC News 24, where he spoke to Scott Bevan about Carthage, civilisation and his BBC2 program, Ancient Civliations, broadcast on the BBC in 2010, and to be aired in Australia late this year. The interview was aired on the ABC News program, The World.

You can download the podcasts of the programs from Classic FM’s morning interview, and watch Richard Miles’ interview on ABC TV online.


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