Mark McKenna’s new book in the news

Assoc Prof Mark McKenna from the Department of History, has a  new book, An Eye for Eternity: The Life of Manning Clark (Melbourne University Publishing). The book, which was launched last night by Australian author Thomas Keneally, has not only been featured in the University of Sydney’s website; McKenna has also been interviewed by ABC Radio National’s Phillip Adams on Late Night Live, and The Australian ran a feature article on the book entitled ‘The Long History of Manning Clark‘. McKenna, who was a guest at the recent Sydney Writers’ Festival, says of writing the biography:

I can say in all honesty that I have never experienced a writing project quite like this. I often felt as if I had to wrest control of the story from Manning. Yet in all the years of research and writing never once was I bored or exhausted by him. He took me wherever I wanted to go, from Australian and European history to music, literature and art. His intellectual curiosity was boundless.

Mark McKenna is a Research Fellow in the Department of History.

See the full story from the University of Sydney here
Listen to Mark McKenna in conversation with Phillip Adams here.


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