Richard Miles (Classics and Ancient History) writes on Carthage in The Guaridan

Dr Richard Miles from SOPHI’s Department of Classics and Ancient History, writes on the recent political events in Tunisia and their consequences for the Archaeology at the site of the ancient city of Carthage.


One of the most interesting consequences of the recent political upheavals in Tunisia has been that Tunisian archaeologists have at last been able to speak out against the damage inflicted on the ancient site of Carthage by the regime of the former president, Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali. It is a truly depressing tale of how greed and philistinism have come close to destroying large parts of one of the world’s most important archaeological sites…
Carthage is an archaeological site of world historical significance. Yet once again, its very existence is under serious threat – this time not from the weapons of an invading army but the bulldozers of unscrupulous property developers. 

Richard details what needs to happen in order to safeguard this historic archaeological site.

Richard Miles is also the host of a new six-part British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) history series. The program, Ancient Worlds, which premiered on BBC2 television last November, will air on ABC television in 2011.

Click here to read the full Guardian article


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