Iain McCalman’s Environmental Humanities Group receive a Faculty of Arts Collaborative Research Scheme grant

The Environmental Humanities Group, led by Iain McCalman (History) with colleagues from Archaeology, English, Gender and Cultural Studies, History, Government and IR, Macleay Museum, Sociology and Social Policy, have received a Faculty of Arts Collaborative Research Scheme grant.

This is a collaboration of seventeen Faculty of Arts scholars, from three Schools and six departments, who are currently researching environmental dimensions of cultural and urban history, English literature, archaeology, anthropology, sociology, politics, gender and women’s studies. They propose to focus this diffuse work into an integrated, interdisciplinary and socially relevant new field of ‘environmental humanities’.

Those involved are:

  • Professor Iain McCalman (Dept. History/SOPHI)
  • Dr Fiona Allon (Dept. Gender and Cultural Studies/SOPHI)
  • Dr Christina Alt (Dept. English/SLAM)
  • Professor Alison Bashford (Dept. History/SOPHI)
  • Dr Danielle Celermajor (Dept. Sociology and Social Policy/SSPS)
  • A/Professor Andrew Fitzmaurice (Dept. History/SOPHI)
  • Dr Martin Gibbs (Dept. Archaeology/SOPHI)
  • Professor Paul Giles (Dept. English/SLAM)
  • Dr Melissa Hardie (Dept. English/SLAM)
  • Dr Cindy McCreery (Dept. History/SOPHI)
  • Dr Peter Marks (Dept. English/SLAM)
  • Dr Jude Philp (Macleay Museum/University Museums)
  • Dr Kane Race (Dept. Gender and Cultural Studies/SOPHI)
  • A/Professor Stephen Robertson (Dept. History/SOPHI)
  • Professor David Schlosberg (Dept. Government and International Relations/SSPS)
  • A/Professor Vanessa Smith (Dept. English/SLAM)
  • Professor Shane White (Dept. History/SOPHI)

Congratulations to all!


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