A Night of Ancient Comedy

The Classics and Ancient History Department of the University of Sydney
and the Nicholson Museum invite you to:

A Night of Ancient Comedy
Thursday, 23 September 2010
6:00 pm (performance starts at 6:30)

‘Playing with Frogs’: A brief introduction by Dr. Alastair Blanshard
Scenes from Aristophanes Frogs (an abridged version of the play in Greek with surtitles)

Tickets: $25, $20 (Friends of the Nicholson Museum), $10 (students)
Bookings should be made through the Nicholson museum
E-mail: nicholson.museum at sydney dot edu dot au or ph: 9351 2812

Few comedies from the ancient world have enjoyed the popularity of Aristophanes’ Frogs. Its irreverent depiction of the Gods combined with its artful language and its physical comedy have won it many admirers. The play tells the story of the foolish god Dionysus as he journeys into the Underworld to bring back a poet to entertain and advise the city. Along the way he encounters Hercules, Aiakos, the guardian of the Underworld, and, of course, a chorus of impossible-to-silence frogs. All in all, the play is a splendid absurdist romp. It is no wonder that it won first prize when first produced in 405 BC.

This evening of entertainment begins with a short introduction to the play by Dr. Alastair Blanshard followed by scenes from the play acted out in Greek by the staff and students of the Department of Classics and Ancient History. All Greek is accompanied by English surtitles. If you ever wanted to hear what original Greek sounded like on stage, this is your chance!





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