SOPHI Publication Support Scheme

The School publication support scheme endeavours to assist in the production of major monographs or books for publication, for example; by contributing to the costs of reproducing photographs, maps, etc., or with preparing an index or using the services of an editor or translator.

The aim is to contribute to the costs, not cover them fully. The scheme will NOT provide funds for research assistance or research support, nor for the purchase of equipment. It is a condition of being considered for support that you have signed a contract with a reputable academic publisher (or that a contract has been offered). Current continuing academic teaching and research staff in SOPHI are eligible to apply. The subsequent publication must appear with a University of Sydney and departmental/school affiliation prominently displayed. Grant amounts will normally not exceed $1,000, although amounts distributed will ultimately be at the discretion of the Head of School.

Please send an email outlining the costs you would like covered (ideally with a quote or indication of actual costs), a copy of the contract and details of the book to Elia Mamprin, elia.mamprin at sydney dot edu dot au

For successful applications; payment will only occur with the provision of receipts or through payment arranged by the Finance Team. Applications close on Friday, 24 September 2010




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