Prizes and awards!

The Dean the Faculty of Arts Teaching and Learning Committee held their 2009 Excellence in Teaching Awards on Friday 28 May.

Congratulations to the SOPHI’s recipients of the 2009 Faculty of Arts Excellence in Teaching Awards:

Excellence in Teaching (Design and Practice)
Dr Martin Gibbs (Archaeology)
Dr Chris Hilliard (History)

Also, Elia Mamprin reports on SOPHI’s annual Prizes Ceremony, for students across the School:

Held on Tuesday, May 18th with torrential rain, thunder and lightning adding to the lovely ambience of the MacLaurin Hall. Professor Duncan Ivison, Dean, Faculty of Arts welcomed students, their families and donors to the University and gave his address on the wonderful work the departments and their students have produced. The Deputy Head of School Associate Professor Andrew Fitzmaurice kindly stepped in to carrying out master of ceremony duties in Professor Sluga’s unexpected absence due to illness. The Chairs of department gave brief speeches highlighted the achievement of the students in general and promoting disciplines more generally.
Some of our kind donors were present at the ceremony to hand out their awards, including Dr John Kildea, President of the Aisling Society of Sydney; Mr John Lanser, President of the Australasian Pioneers’ Club; Mr David Shwabsky, who presented the Australian Federation of Graduate Women (NSW) in honour of his mother Betty M. Shwabsky; and David Tribe for the David Harold Tribe Philosophy Award. This year we had addresses given by prize recipients, — Nicholas Olson (CAH), William Kennedy (CAH), and Anne Hanley (History) — which were received well by the guests.

Congratulations to all!


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