Ten out of ten and a koala stamp

From the editor…

‘Ten out of ten and a koala stamp’: that’s the rating Philip Adams gives to the new book co-authored by the Department of History’s James Curran and Stuart Ward (University of Copenhagen): The Unknown Nation: Australia After Empire — the highest award given by Late Night Live!

First broadcast on the 5th of May, the Adams’ interview with James Curran and Stuart Ward explores one of Adams’ perennial topics — Australians’ search for a national identity.

The interview is available as a Late Night Live podcast.

Paul Kelly, Political Commentator for the Australian writes of the book:

‘This book is fresh, provocative and full of insights. Sympathetic to the new nationalism of the 1960s and 1970s it dissects the flaws in this nationalism and its inability to replace the British race myth. It captures the dilemma of contemporary Australia-a nation still searching for a new myth of national self-realisation. Readers of all persuasions will benefit from this readable and challenging account.’

    Gleebooks will be hosting an in-conversation James Curran, Stuart Ward and David Marr on Wednesday May 12, 2010 (6:30 for 7) More details here

The book is published by Melbourne University Press.

Julie-Ann Robson


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