Out of Iran: Professor Dan Potts (Archaeology) on Tol-e Nurabad

Dan Potts is co-director of an ARC-funded excavation, called Tol-e Nurabad, which is located in the Mamasani district of the Fars province in Iran. Tol-e Nurabad was occupied from c. 6000 BC to the time of Christ, and Dan’s team are currently excavating in the earliest levels dating to the first Neolithic occupation at the site in c. 6000 BC. Dan will speak about what it’s like being in Iran in the current political climate, what it’s like to work there and about Iran’s significance in the modern and ancient worlds.

29 April, 2010, 6-7:30pm
Foyer, Sydney Law School,
Sydney Law School F10,
Eastern Avenue
University of Sydney

In conjunction with Sydney Ideas Open
This event is free. No need to RSVP

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