The Myer Foundation: Arts and Humanities Small Grants Program – Expressions of Interest

Arts and Humanities Small Grants Program – Expressions of Interest
Closing date: 21 April 2010

The Sidney Myer Fund continues to fund the arts, and seeks to play a critical role in upholding the integrity of the arts community within Australia by supporting artistic initiatives that often fall outside other funding agendas. Current priority areas in the Arts and Humanities Small Grants Program are as follows

  • To build capacity of the individual through ensuring that indigenous and non-indigenous artists gain access to professional training, development and mentoring.
  • Develop new works by individual Australian artists and small and medium-sized organisations in the following priority areas:
    – Indigenous arts
    – Regional areas
    – Experimental and emerging art forms
  • Projects that support the humanities, especially those that contribute to defining a distinct Australian identity

Grants are capped at $30,000 and are made for a one-year period only.  For information including application please visit:

This scheme is exempt from University of Sydney indirect costs. University of Sydney Research Office Contact: Corey Worcester on 8627 8164 | Email: corey.worcester at sydney dot edu dot au





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