Sawyer Seminar Series: Session 6

Sexuality in the South Seas
Convenor:  Robert Aldrich
Presenters: Chris Brickell (University of Otago)

Rearticulations: The Symbols and Encounters of New Zealand Male Homoeroticism, 1880-1940

  • Yorick Smaal (University of Queensland), ‘Eliminate the “females”’: The Australian army and the ‘homosexual problem’ in New Guinea
  • Lee Wallace (University of Auckland) Elusive Histories: Queer Historiography and the Pacific Archive
  • Diane Losche (University of New South Wales) Biography and Anthropology: Sexual Self and Other in the Life and Work of Margaret Mead

Ever since the first visits by European explorers, the sexual mores of the South Seas have fascinated, attracted and appalled foreigners. From seamen who believed that they had found a sexual paradise and missionaries who endeavoured to stamp out vice, through to the research of Malinowski and Mead, and on to the imagery of contemporary tourist brochures advertising the Sydney Gay and  Lesbian Mardi Gras, the South Pacific has been a laboratory for the investigation of sexual behaviours, the projection of foreign fantasies and the metamorphosis of sexual cultures. This interdisciplinary session will examine the history and historiography of sexuality in Oceania and Australasia in the period of culture contact and after.

Friday 19 March, 2010, 1-5pm
Holme & Sutherland Rooms,
Holme Building, Science Road,
University of Sydney





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