Thank you…and best wishes for the season!

It’s been a great year.  Exhausting, I know, for many of you. I am especially grateful for all the extraordinary hard work that you have put in over the year. Somehow we’ve managed to teach more students then ever before – and very well, I should say, judging by their feedback – and yet also achieve some pretty amazing research outcomes. ‘Outcomes’, however,  is a rather bureaucratic term that doesn’t really capture what we value about our work. One thing I have really enjoyed about this job is being able to gain a more comprehensive sense of the work you all do – much more so than i ever could as a regular member of the Department of Philosophy. And I am struck not only  by the deep commitment so many of you have to your disciplines, but also to the questions you are asking and that inform your writing and teaching. It’s the quality of the seminars, workshops, articles, books, Phd students, postdocs, lectures, and supervisions  that really matters in the end,  and it’s been a privilege (and pleasure) to be able to work with you over the past 3 years and to try and help you realize those ambitions.

Thanks again to all those who came along to the end of year party and who signed the card and made a contribution towards the gift (the best comment so far is from an historian who wrote: ‘I knew Ivison when he was a philosopher’) . I was incredibly touched by your collective generosity (and to Elia for coordinating it…). In case you didn’t know, the gift was 3  small, lovely dot paintings, painted by 3 different female Aboriginal artists from Utopia, in the Eastern Desert region of the NT.  I am thinking of putting them up in the new office,  so drop by next year and have a look.

Meanwhile, all the best for the holiday season. Get some rest; read; think; clear the head. And if you’re working on that ARC application….well, at least treat yourself to a beer (or two) at the end of the day.


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