New to Research at the University of Sydney?

It can be challenging commencing at a new university – particularly if you wish to build or maintain your research momentum. A new staff member needs to acquire many areas of knowledge about how the university and its research practices operate: know how, know who, know when. This program (workshop and on-line module) will help you build that knowledge.

The workshop is a good opportunity to hear from key figures in Research including the DVC Research, and senior staff from the Research Office and Syndovate. It is an opportunity to ask questions about research at Sydney and an excellent opportunity to meet other new researchers.

The next workshop is scheduled for 9 December from 9-12 at the Darlington Centre and includes the opportunity to network with other new researchers.

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Michael Pooley, Learning Advisor (Health Faculties), Learning Solutions, Sydney University Village L03, University of Sydney

Ph: 9036 4727; Fax: 9036 4735





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