ARC Discovery Grant briefings and Peer Support Group meetings

1. Faculty briefings – “A Very Short Guide to ARC Discovery Proposals”
These sessions concentrate on strategic and practical aspects of making an application. They are repeat sessions (not a series). Please attend whichever session is most convenient if you are planning to submit in this round – and encourage potential postdoctoral applicants to attend also.

All briefings in the Rogers Room, Woolley Building Room N397
Wednesday 2 December 2009, 1-2.30 pm
Tuesday 8 December 2009, 1-2.30 pm

2. Faculty Peer Support Group
This group meets to workshop drafts of sections of applications. In the first three sessions, the focus will be on the track record section of the application (Section B 10, though possibly it will be re-numbered for this round). Bring 10 copies of your draft of the relevant section.

Monday 30 November, 1-2.30 pm, Woolley N384 (next to School Office):
to work on B 10.1, “A statement on your most significant contributions to this research field” (previously half a page maximum – in this round. likely to be specified as maximum 1875 characters or about 250 words), and B 10. 2, “Recent significant publications (in the past five years – 2005 onwards)” and B 10.3, “Ten career-best publications”.

Monday 7 December, 1-2.30 pm, Woolley N384 (next to School Office):
to work on B 10.4 “Other evidence of impact and contributions to the field” and 10.5 “Any aspects of your career or opportunities for research that are relevant to assessment and that have not been detailed elsewhere in this Proposal”: (both half a page maximum – likely to be 1875 characters or about 250 words). Also B 10.6, which is for Fellowship applicants only.

Monday 14 December, 1-2.30 pm, Rogers Room, Woolley N397:
reprise of the whole of Section B 10. An opportunity for those who missed one or both of the earlier sessions.

Meetings will resume in January to work on the project section (E) at times to be arranged.

Prof Harris is happy to respond to any questions on any aspect of ARC applications, and to meet one-on-one with applicants.

Margaret Harris, Director of Research
x 12163;





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