Research Seminars in Ancient History and Classics

Semester 2, MMIX

Thursday, 4pm-5:30pm
Conference Room CCNESA

Level One of the Madsen Building
Seminar Coordinators:
Frances Muecke frances dot muecke at usyd dot edu dot au
Michelle Borg & Maxine Lewis

  • August 6th
    Dr Bob Cowan
    The Republic Strikes Back: Filiation, aemulatio, and Identity in Pacuvius’ tragic sequels

  • August 13th
    Dr Hyun Jin Kim
    Herodotus Book 4 from a comparative perspective

  • August 20th
    Dr James Rives
    Animal Sacrifice and Cultural Identity in the Roman Empire
  • August 27th
    Dr Elly Cowan
    “Velleius Paterculus and the res publica”

  • September 3rd
    Dr Julia Kindt
    Parmeniscus’ Journey: Tracing Religious Visuality in Word and Wood

  • September 10th
    Lazar Maric
    Horace’s Poetry of Dissimulatio, The Personae of Epistles 1.

  • September 17th
    Atticus Cox
    Circular arguments: Paradoxes in Greek musico-khoral terminology

  • September 24th
    Michell Borg
    Tacitus’ Dialogus and Pliny 1.20

  • October 22th
    Maurizio Campanelli
    Studies of Roman Calendars in eighteenth century Rome: between antiquarianism and philology




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