Dan David Prize: Call for Nominations and Scholarships 2010

The Dan David Prize is a joint international enterprise endowed by the Dan David Foundation, headquartered at Tel Aviv University. Three prizes of US$1,000,000 each are awarded annually in fields chosen within the three time dimensions – Past, Present, and Future. Ten percent of the prize is donated by the laureates as scholarships to outstanding young researchers, doctoral and postdoctoral students, studying topics related to the chosen fields.

The Dan David Prize is awarded to individuals and institutions with proven exceptional excellence and contribution to humanity in the sciences, arts, humanities, public service and business without discrimination of any kind.

Nominations deadline: 30 November 2009. For information on the Dan David Prize and nominations submission, please consult the website: www.dandavidprize.org

Scholarships: Each year the Dan David Prize awards 20 scholarships of US$15,000 each to outstanding doctoral and postdoctoral students.  10 scholarships are awarded to students from universities all over the world and 10 scholarships to Students from Tel Aviv University. Advanced doctoral and postdoctoral students of excellence achievement and promise studying topics related to the fields chosen for this year, are invited to apply for the Dan David Prize Scholarships for the year 2010.

Applications deadline: 31 March 2010. For details regarding scholarships please consult the website: www.dandavidprize.org





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