Call for Papers: In the Image of Asia conference 2010

In the Image of Asia: Moving across and between locations
13-15 April 2010
ANU, Canberra, Australia

The deadline for submissions is 11 September 2009.

Proposals are invited for papers dealing with any of the themes of the conference. Please send proposals of 250 words max, with your name and affiliation to Fuyubi Nakamura (fuyubi dot nakamura at anu dot edu dot au) or Ana Dragojlovic (ana dot dragojlovic at anu dot edu dot au) by 11 September 2009. For further information click on the hyperlinked word ‘more’ below or view the weblink

This interdisciplinary conference explores how ‘Asia’ has been imagined, imaged, represented and transferred visually across linguistic, geopolitical and cultural boundaries. It aims to challenge established assumptions (and consumptions) of cultural products of ‘Asia’, from arts, artefacts and film to performance. Despite the constant movement of people and objects in the globalized world, ‘location’ still remains an important reference point in identifying images of/from ‘Asia’. The particular focus is on the role of ‘long-distance cultural specialists’ (Harris 2006) – understood in this context as artists, writers, anthropologists and intellectuals, whose works have the distinctive feature of bridging or traversing different worlds. These members of the Asian diasporas, subaltern intellectuals and transnational cultural workers use their artistic and intellectual mobility to represent their ‘native culture’ in the ‘host culture’ or elsewhere. Hence a critique on authenticity, indigeneity, hybridity and inter-cultural influence and borrowing – all of which inevitably leads to questions on power and agency – can benefit from a dialogue between theories in art history, cultural studies, postcolonial studies, and anthropology.

Effectively a globalised examination of localized cultural ‘Asia’, this conference is an interdisciplinary dialogue along the following themes: 1) ‘Locations of cultures’; 2) Identity and images; 3) Representation of culture as translation and 4) Hybridity and agency. It seeks to develop an analytical apparatus to capture the complex positioning of ‘cultural translators’ and ‘cultural products’ across borders. As such, this conference will shed fresh light on the diverse, polyphonic cultural productions of ‘Asia’ against the backdrop of shifting power dynamics between ‘east’ and ‘west’, ‘north’ and ‘south’ in a transnational era.

Provisional speakers include:
Professor Chihiro Minato, Tama Art University
Professor John Clark, University of Sydney
Dr Clare Harris, University of Oxford (To be confirmed)
Dr Morgan Perkins, State University of New York College at Potsdam
Dr Jan Mrazek, National University of Singapore

Convened by:
Dr Fuyubi Nakamura, RSH, ANU & Dr Ana Dragojlovic, RSPAS, ANU





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