Semester 2 Colloquium: Govt & IR

School of Social and Political Science

Department of Government and International Relations

2009 Colloquium, Semester 2

Thursdays 12-13h30

Merewether Building, Seminar Room 397*

August 6th Prof. Linda Weiss, GIR

The State in the Economy: Neoliberalism or Neoactivism?

August 27th Dr Kate Weaver, University of Texas

IPE’s Split Brain. American vs. British Schools of International Political Economy

September 10th A/Prof. Andrew Fitzmaurice, History

Travers Twiss and Territorium Nullius

September 24th Prof. Martin Shaw, University of Sussex

The International Relations of Genocide

October 8th Dr Susan Park, GIR

Designing Accountability: International Economic  Organisations and the World Bank’s Inspection Panel

October 22nd A/Prof. Jacqueline Best, University of Ottawa

Governing the Margins: The Changing Practices of  Global Economic Governance

* located at P 17-18 on the campus map,






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