Australian Academy of the Humanities

The Publication Subsidy Scheme – Supporting the publication of scholarly books

The AAH includes in its activities the Publication Subsidy Scheme to provide modest financial support of up to AU$3,000 for the publication of scholarly works of high quality in the Humanities. The Academy offers another round of subsidies in 2009.

The AAH gives priority to works that require a subsidy for their viability as a publishing venture, or for the inclusion of essential items such as illustrations, photographs or maps. Support may, in some cases, be given for meritorious publications with some prospect of small-scale royalty and profit returns. Works with clear commercial prospects, however, will not be supported by the AAH. The AAH normally supports publications that have already been accepted by a reputable and refereed academic publisher. In the case of in-house publications (of conference papers etc.), external assessment of the work will be required. Although the scheme is generally intended for conventional, hardcopy publications, the AAH will consider applications for subsidy support of online works. Costs of research assistance, editorial work, translations and the preparation of indexes are not subsidised under the scheme.

Applications for 2009 close 31st July 2009, please see website for more info –





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