Brown Fellowship for McCreery; conference season…

I am delighted to congratulate Cindy McCreery on behalf of the School for her appointment to one of the University’s first Brown Fellowships.  This is terrific news. The Brown and Thompson Fellowships are new initiatives this year by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research, Professor Jill Trewhella.  Brown Fellowships are designed to help researchers whose careers have been interrupted by primary carer duties, while Thompson Fellowships have been developed to help women step up into senior academic positions. Both provide funding for teaching relief and research support. Well done Cindy!  

Most of you are no doubt about to be buried – or are in the process of being buried – under a huge pile of marking. Remember to take frequent, vigorous walks to cleanse your lungs and release the pent-up frustration at having students mangle 13 weeks of blood, sweat and tears on your part….  

I also can’t help but  encourage you to take part in some of the remarkable events planned in around the School and University throughout July…. We have an astonishing number of academic superstars visiting and participating in various colloquia, conferences and workshop, alongside our very own SOPHI colleagues and students across most of the SOPHI discliplines. Check out the Conferences and Events postings on this blog and on the SOPHI website.


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