Workshop: Indigenous versus European Property Claims, 1500-1900

20-21 August, 2009

Convener: Saliha Belmessous (University of Sydney)

R. Jovita Baber (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
Saliha Belmessous
Lauren Benton (New York University)
Andrew Fitzmaurice (University of Sydney)
Lisa Ford (UNSW)
Mark Hickford (Crown Law Office, Wellington)
Christopher Hilliard (University of Sydney)
Kristin Mann (Emory University)
Craig Yirush (UCLA)

The aim of the workshop is to show how, from the late 16th to the 19th century, the indigenous peoples of America, Africa and Australasia drafted legal strategies to contest dispossession and make counter-claims to territory. Native claims show that a dialogue was being held between colonisers and colonised which can only be restored by staging all the participants and showing how they dealt with and reacted to each other. The fact that there is an extensive and profound history of such legal dealings has great bearing on contemporary rights claims and changes the kind of evidence that can be presented to the courts of former settler societies.

Location: Kevin Lee Room, Level 6,  Quadrangle Building, The University of Sydney.
This workshop is generously supported by the School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry and the Faculty of Arts.

RSVP is essential — SEATING IS VERY LIMITED. If you would like to attend, please contact Saliha Belmessous (via email saliha dot belmessous at usyd dot edu dot au) by June 30.





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