It will only get better



workload (courtesy of the THES)

It’s the pointy end of the term, I know. You’ve handed out and probably marked the first assignments. You’re hoping the material is starting to bite and the little cogs and wheels in your students’ brains beginning to whirr and click and connect… And you’re beginning to think about the paper you promised to give at that prestigious workshop in July that you haven’t even started yet. Hang in there. It will only get better.

Meanwhile, despite the global financial crisis, and very difficult budgetary times, SOPHI continues to prosper and excel. I am delighted to report that Javier Alvarez Mon has been appointed to a lectureship in Archaeology (his expertise is in Iranian archaeology, among other things) to replace Dan Potts, who begins his new ARC Professorial Fellowship this year. I am also delighted to announce that Anik Waldow has been appointed to a lectureship in Philosophy (her speciality is the history of early modern philosophy, among other things), to replace Stephen Gaukroger, who also takes up his (second) ARC Professorial Fellowship this year.  Both start in July. 

Many congratulations to Moira Gatens (Philosophy), who has been appointed to the Spinoza Chair at the University of Amsterdam in 2010. This is a massive honour for Moira – and through her, for philosophy at Sydney and in Australia more generally.  Previous holders of the chair read like a Philosophy/history of philosophy all-star team and include Hilary Putnam, Robert Pippin, Judith Butler, Jonathan Israel, Albrecht Wellmar, Nancy Fraser….to name just a few. The Chair involves giving two public lectures as well as a series of staff and student seminars at the University of Amsterdam. Given her pathbreaking work on Spinoza, among other things,  I can think of no better holder of such a Chair!

Congratulations also to Sarah Colley (Archaeology) and colleagues in the Archaeology of Sydney Research Group, who have been awarded a $50,000 grant from the NSW Department of Planning to help create a sustainable and accessible digital archive of historical archaeological material in the Sydney region. This is a great result, and it’s particularly pleasing to see School SDF funding used in such a productive and innovative way!

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