Seminar Series: Government & International Relations

School of Social and Political Science
Department of Government and International Relations
2009 Colloquium, Semester 1
Enquiries: c dot epstein at usyd dot edu dot au

Thursdays 12-1:30pm
Merewether Building, Seminar Room 397*

March 26th Dr Ben Goldsmith, GIR
‘International Trade and War: Insights from bargaining models of conflict’

April 2nd Prof. Rod Tiffen, GIR
‘Hawke vs. Keating versus Howard vs. Costello’

April 9th Dr Debbie Lisle, Queens University, Belfast
‘Militourism: Visualizing Soldiers on Holiday’

April 23rd Prof. Robyn Eckersley, University of Melbourne
‘Trading off the Climate: The Interplay between the International Trade and Climate Regimes’

May 7th A/ Prof. Louise Chappell, GIR
‘Gender Justice at the International Criminal Court: New Opportunities and Old Obstacles’

May 14th Dr Jacqui True, University of Auckland
‘Norms as Processes: Rethinking the Life Cycles of International Norms’ (with Mona Lena Krook)





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