Teaching Support: Want an elearning site?

Arts eLearning is offering a “kick start” to academics who are interested in getting started with elearning. Tell us what you want (within reason) and we’ll build the site for you the first time round, then make sure you get the help you need to run it and roll it over to use again next time.

We’re looking for 5-6 academics within the School, who ideally will be:
– teaching in 2009;
– new to elearning;
– interested in getting a “kick start” this semester; and
– prepared to run the site with assistance in 2009, and learn how to run the site yourself over 2010/11

Anyone can apply, and we’re especially interested in hearing from people teaching large courses (particularly first-year). Register your interest by dropping us a line at elearning at arts dot usyd dot edu dot au and tell us in a sentence or two:
– the unit code and title;
– which 2009 semester you’re teaching in;
– (optionally) anything else about the unit, the students or your teaching that makes you interested in trying out an elearning site.





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