SOPHI Postgraduate Skills Workshop 2008

Monday, 17 November 2008
3:00pm to 5:40pm
Venue: Refectory, Quadrangle

Once again, the School will be holding a half-day workshop for postgraduate students on developing those crucial skills related to life in academe (aside from coping with the poverty!). Amongst the topics to be addressed will include:  how to present your work in different academic contexts; strategies for getting your work published; applying for postdoctoral fellowships; and preparing for the job market.  The aim is to have structured but still relatively informal sessions with lots of time for discussion and questions.

This event is open to all postgraduates registered for postgraduate degree in any of the departments in SOPHI (or elsewhere in the Faculty) at whatever stage in your degree.  We strongly encourage you to attend. The program is provided below. Please join us for drinks and pizza at the end of the session. There is no registration fee. Please join us afterwards for drinks and pizza!





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