Workshop: Histories of Forgetting & Remembering: Cultural Memory, History and the Nation

A Joint workshop organised by the departments of French Studies and History, The University of Sydney and The Transforming Cultures Research Centre, University of Technology, Sydney

Friday, 24 October 2008
10:00am to 4:00pm Room S421, Quadrangle Building

The last twenty years have seen an upsurge not only in the practice of memorialism but in the theorisation of th enature and function of cultural memory. In particular the role of the media, state institutions, governments, politicans and political parties in officially selection, promoting or indeed neglecting events has been the object of sustained analysis. The aim of this workshop is to develop an innovative, interdisciplinary approach to the problematics of collective memory and national identity, combining the insights of cultural geography and of the sociology of memory. Invited speakers will present a series of case studies of the politics of remembrance and forgetting; a concluding session will discuss the theoretical and methodological perspectives that the various case studies provide.

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