Workshop: Beautifying your elearning site (WebCT CE6)

Thursday 25 September 2008, 11am to 1pm or
Friday 26 September 2008, 11am to 1pm (Both workshops cover the same material).

Arts eLearning computer lab, Brennan-MacCallum A18
Door 318 (to the right of the dark-glass Psychology doors)
RSVP by Friday 19th September

Earlier in the year, academics asked Arts eLearning to develop a short workshop on making their elearning sites in WebCT CE6 more attractive and pleasant to work in. We are now pleased to offer a two-hour workshop on some WebCT design basics to improve your elearning site’s aesthetics:

Beautifying your elearning site (WebCT CE6)

  • Set the menu and text colours for the site;
  • Set a banner for your site;
  • Set a background colour or wallpaper (background image) for your site or for individual pages;
  • Modify the page layout;
  • Choose a different icon set for your site;
  • Find freely reusable images to use in your site, and acknowledge them appropriately to manage licensing and copyright.

Bookings:Places are limited to 10 per session, so bookings are essential.

RSVP by Friday, 19 September with your preferred date and contact details to: Bec Plumbe: 9351 7513
Email: elearning at arts dot usyd dot edu dot au

Can’t make it? The course materials can also be accessed online at:





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