USyd Learning Solutions – Development modules for new and emerging Chief Investigators

During semester 2 Learning Solutions and the Research Office is collaborating to present an exciting new development program designed specifically for researchers who are new Chief Investigators or for whom being a Chief Investigator is the next step. Places are filling for these programs so nominate soon if you want to attend.

The first two modules of the eight module program being offered this semester are:
Module 2: Commencement and Collaboration (workshop on September 3) to be facilitated by Prof. Ben Eggleton. This module looks primarily at managing the start of a research project, establishing the identity and profile of your project, recruiting, building and managing the project team and Knowledge, information and data management.
Module 3: Governance and Compliance – Protecting yourself, your research and your university (workshop on September 10) to be facilitated by Prof David Cook. This module looks primarily at leading ethical research communities, grant holder responsibilities, research integrity, knowledge capture and preservation and other governance and compliance issues.

Each module is in three parts:

  • On line material and activities to be read and completed
  • A guided conversation with an experienced researcher
  • Attendance at a half day workshop (Workshops held at the Darlington Centre – Camperdown Campus)

Because of the pre-work involved in each module (4-6 hours) it is strongly advised to register for one of these modules only as there may not be sufficient time to complete the pre-work for both. All modules will be delivered again in the future. For more information on the program and on all the modules and to enroll in Modules 2 and 3 please click on the link below:
Future Research Leaders Program





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